Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse (DW) Testing does not follow or conform to typical application test projects, as the focus is on data and information rather than the software product. Business value of data is driven by data accuracy and information quality. Defects in BI and data-oriented projects have an increased impact on the business if undetected, as regulatory reports and strategic business decisions are made from presented information, that has often been transformed, aggregated and derived. The materiality of discrepancies throughout the DW and BI chain can have significant impacts when making strategic decisions. If you make good decisions on poor quality or sub-standard data, the desired results may never be realised and prove costly.

DW solutions are aimed at supporting any views of data, so the possible combinations are virtually unlimited and difficult to test.

The Business Data Partners Test Practice has a history in developing tailored strategies for clients and implementing meaningful sets of tests to provide confidence in the accuracy of data and BI. Testing is a must to safeguard the implementation of any integrated data model from disparate systems into a robust, well governed and quality BI solution. We advocate early and continuous testing; beginning with requirements verification to remove defects (and therefore additional cost) early in the delivery, through to testing throughout the Systems Delivery Lifecycle (SDLC), and ultimately into production.

Business Data Partners have a team of Certified Test Consultants with many years experience in testing BI and DW projects, with an emphasis on assuring:

  • Data Quality
  • Data Transformation is working as per specification and mapping rules
  • Data Lineage and Governance is in accordance with internal and external compliance/regulators
  • End to End Processing can be completed without issue
  • Business functionality and usefulness of data is fit for purpose
  • Performance and scalability from the BI or DW solution meet defined requirements and SLA’s

Core Business Data Partners Test services include:

  • Developing Test Strategies
  • Test Project Management & Governance
  • Static Testing
  • System Testing
  • ETL Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing / Business Acceptance Testing
  • Performance and Load Testing

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