At Business Data Partners (BDP) our values underpin the ethos and culture of our organisation. We place a strong emphasis and importance on our unique culture from recruitment, career life cycle to client interactions. Our values shape our organisation and define how we interact with our clients. We are known for our unique nurturing culture where everyone has a voice and is integral to contributing to our success. We believe that culture plays a very important part to BDP’s success and our employee’s overall well-being & job satisfaction.


As trusted advisors, we need to be prepared and capable of having difficult conversations to provide the best possible solutions. We show good ethical and moral values whilst acting with professionalism at all times, in everything we do.


Striving to deliver the highest customer service by upholding strong communication, technical output and behaviours at all times. We take pride in our work whilst remaining respectful and approachable.


Being modest and open to new ideas, we are able to achieve the best solutions for our clients. We respect our limitations and ask for help and advice when needed for the greater good. We do things the right way, not the easiest way.


We invest time and promote a nurturing and friendly atmosphere. We strive to be empathic to our clients, our colleagues and ways of working. We focus on the bigger picture, listen and share our experiences for the good of our clients and colleagues.


We are passionate about promoting energy back into the environment. We promote a team and community spirit on a client site and internally to Business Data Partners. We support, motivate and inspire each other which makes our company unique, a great place to work and a great company to do business with.


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