Talan announces its merger with Business Data Partners (BDP), a consulting firm specialising in Data Management and Analytics based in the United Kingdom, which is a further step in its development as a key European player in the Data Management and Business Intelligence market for major corporate and public organisations.

Paris, October 10th, 2019 – Talan announces its merger with Business Data Partners, formerly known as Business & Decision UK, a UK-based consulting firm specialising in Data Management and Analytics. This merger allows Talan to significantly strengthen its position in the United Kingdom to become a European leader in the Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Management market.

Created in 2015, Business Data Partners (BDP) specialise in deploying data and analytics solutions to leading financial services institutions and local government clients. With more than 165 consultants based in Chester, Edinburgh, Leeds, London and Newcastle, Business Data Partners has established long term relationships with major clients in the banking, insurance, retail and public sectors.

This merger is part of our “Ambition 2020” development program, in which we plan strong international expansion. Business Data Partners has very specific and complementary expertise with Talan’s which will strengthen our presence in the United Kingdom. This merger will make it possible to offer private and public customers end-to-end data processing solutions.” says Mehdi Houas, President of the Talan Group.

This merger accelerates our international development; following the acquisition of Canadian firm Planaxis-Groupaxis in early 2019, this latest addition allows Talan to become a key international player in the Data field. By strengthening our teams in the United Kingdom, we are creating a new player with more than 250 consultants, helping to make Talan  a European leader in Data Consultancy.” according to Mikael Thepaut, Talan General Manager of international business.

The Talan Group aims to establish itself in the UK, which is viewed as a strategic market where significant transformation and restructuring is expected in the coming months and years. These changes will result in a growing need for Data Management in all organisations. The BDP knowledge of the UK market gained over the past twenty years, will be a considerable asset in providing services to clients to meet these challenges.

“Our merger with the Talan Group will make us part of an organisation with more than 3000 employees worldwide. It will enable us to offer a greater range of expertise to our clients. We will provide Talan with a detailed knowledge of the challenges of the UK market and very specific expertise in Data Management and Analytics (BI, Artificial Intelligence, Data Management, etc.). We are very proud and excited to be part of this new adventure.” Ian Huckle, co-founder of Business Data Partners.

In addition to the consultancy services, BDP shares a  strong corporate culture with that of the Talan group, which allows the company to be built around its core values of trust, integrity, excellence, humility, empathy and energy.

To take full advantage of this merger, BDP and Talan UK will be consolidated from 2020. BDP co-founder, Ian Huckle, has become a Partner of the Talan Group, and with the support of the BDP management, will be responsible for working with the current Talan UK team. This organisation will allow us to benefit from immediate synergies and create a recognized data expert in the United Kingdom and more broadly in Europe while offering employees greater opportunities for development.

About Talan 

For more than 15 years, Talan has been advising companies and administrations, supporting them and implementing their transformation projects in France and abroad. Present on four continents, the group expects to achieve a turnover of 310 million euros in 2019 for more than 3000 consultants. The group places innovation at the heart of its development and intervenes in areas related to the technological changes of major groups, such as Big Data, IoT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Talan is present at key events in the sector, such as Viva Technology, and regularly speaks out on the challenges of these revolutionary technologies alongside major players in the sector and parliamentarians (Syntec Numérique, Forum de l’Intelligence Artificielle, French Fab Tour…). The group recently merged its consulting division with Siltéa, a management consulting firm specialising in the Banking-Insurance sector, and carried out an external growth operation with the Canadian group Planaxis-Groupaxis. These external growth operations are part of the deployment of the “Ambition 2020” plan and the Group’s €100 million debt raising last August.

About Business Data Partners

Business Data Partners (BDP), formerly known as Business & Decision UK is a consulting firm specialising in Data Management and Analytics in the UK. BDP partners with leading financial services, life and pensions, public and private sector clients to help them gain valuable insight and analytics from their data. Its expertise in analytics improve how clients interact with their customers, optimise their data processes to gain valuable customer insight, improve customer experience, realise efficiencies and increase profitability.


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