Following Business Data Partners (BDP) successful addition to the Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud 12, BDP is delighted to announce we have been awarded a place on Digital Outcomes & Specialists 5 (DOS5) Framework.

This will mark the third year as a trusted supplier on DOS and G-Cloud, allowing BDP to expand our service offerings on the Digital Marketplace and continue our growth in the public sector.

Digital Marketplace 

The Digital Marketplace is comprised of G-Cloud and Digital Outcomes & Specialists, governed by the Crown Commercial Services (CCS). The Digital Marketplace is used by Public Sector organisations to procure services required for projects to carry out research, design, build, test and deliver software applications and digital services. 

Digital Outcomes and Specialists

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework has made it increasingly simpler, clearer, and faster to provide specialists to deliver software development.

BDP Digital Outcomes

As part of Digital Outcomes, BDP can provide teams to build and support a digital service in the public sector. Our teams specialise in the following areas:

Performance analysis and dataA/B and multivariate testing
Data analysis
Data cleansing
Data visualisation
Performance frameworks
Performance reporting
Statistical modelling
Web analytics
SecurityRisk management
Service deliveryAgile coaching
Agile delivery
Business analysis
Digital communication and engagement
Product management
Programme management
Project management
Service management
Software developmentCloud-based service development
Customer relationship management
Database development
Desktop application development
Machine learning
Mainframe Systems integration
Web application development
Support and operations Tools provided
Testing and auditingApplication testing
Data auditing
Load and performance testing
User researchUsability testing
User journey mapping
User needs and insights

BDP Digital Specialists

As part of Digital Specialists, BDP can provide individual specialists to work on a service, programme, or project within the public sector. Our digital specialists can provide the following roles:

  • Agile coach
  • Business analyst
  • Data architect
  • Data engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Delivery manager
  • Developer
  • Performance analyst
  • Portfolio manager
  • Product manager
  • Programme manager
  • Quality assurance analyst
  • Service manager
  • Technical architect

Our teams and specialists operate across the UK as well as providing offsite operations.

As part of the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 Framwork, BDP/Talan will continue to expand our client portfolio in the public sector. We will also continue to provide important local support for Covid-19 initiatives that we have deployed, for example, in London boroughs. We have a proven track record of delivering services to local councils, including data management, data quality, data governance & master data management through to data, customer and marketing analytics, reporting and data visualisation.

Speak directly to BDP/Talan today about how our experts can help you with your data management, analytics and data visualisation business needs.


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