Finance Actuarial

  • A specialist UK insurer of Defined Benefit Pension Funds
  • Providing industry specific guidance on approach and toolsets selection, requirements gathering, data discovery, interim and strategic solution design, data modelling, build, test and delivery
  • Provision of Industry SME, Technical Lead, L&P Business and Data Analysts, Oracle DB and ETL developer, COGNOS BI developer, Test Management and Test Analyst


  • To improve the quality, timeliness, completeness and automation of Scheme Policy and Reinsurance data extracts
  • To assess and make strategic recommendations on the approach to transforming the end-to-end process of delivering valuation data to Finance Actuarial; from Operational processes through to Model Point File production To realise immediate benefits within the upcoming
  • To realise immediate benefits within the upcoming valuation period


  • An initial set of workshops to capture the key deliverables, high-level requirements and existing challenges
  • Prioritisation of deliverables required for the upcoming valuation period, advancing towards a strategic position while keeping key design decisions open until detailed requirements gathering is undertaken
  • Iterative delivery of a transitional solution using incumbent toolsets to meet immediate objectives while minimising cost
  • Utilising the transitional solution as a vehicle to drive data discovery, refinement of immediate Actuarial requirements and prove key concepts of standardisation and migration of data held within operations to a single database structure containing both policy and reinsurance data, facilitating the production of Model Point Files
  • Parallel workshops , low level requirements gathering and root cause analysis activity to capture a full set of strategic requirements across the business identified as necessary to support the delivery of high quality policy and reinsurance data to Finance and Actuarial; Encompassing new business transitions, pricing, shadow scheme and reinsurance administration, longevity risk management, marketing, finance interfacing and crucially Actuarial valuation extracts, overlays, adjustments and model point file production
  • Production of strategic options, assessment of incumbent toolsets to required toolset capabilities by option and associated build estimates.
  • The transitional delivery was completed in November 2016 and B&D are continuing to support the strategic delivery


  • Up-to-date data available to support the accurate assessment of the organisations 2016 solvency position
  • Additional reserves released as a result of the updated solvency position
  • Significant progress made toward the organisations Audit Committee strategic objectives
  • Significant reduction in manual intervention necessary during the 2016 valuation
  • Costs associated with transitional delivery kept to a minimum
  • The transitional solution has provided (for ‘in scope schemes’):
    • A fallback position for the 2017 valuation
    • A fully QAd test harness for the 2017 strategic solution
    • A migration path for the 2017 strategic solution
    • Conformity and standardisation of data across schemes and their associated benefits
  • A clear view of the 2017 strategic options available and the development cost associated with them


  • Oracle Database and ETL development
  • COGNOS BI Metadata Modelling and Reporting
  • Data Modelling
  • Project Management
  • Process and Technical Business Analysis

QA and Testing

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