Data Science and Data Engineering are multidisciplinary combinations of data inference, algorithm development, and technology used to solve analytically complex business problems. Data itself is one of a company’s most valuable assets.  The ability to manage data is key to an organisation realising its value.

As the volume, variety and velocity of raw information streaming into our clients’ enterprise data warehouses and data lakes increases, so do the business complexities.This is where BDP consultants can help.

BDP consultants have extensive data processing skills, enabling BDP to tailor Data Science and Data Engineering solutions.

Our cornerstone Data Science & Engineering skills include:

Advance Programming Skills

No matter the industry or company, we have consultants that have experience with the tools of the trade. We know which data science and engineering tools to deploy while knowing when and how to achieve successful advanced programming using SAS, R, Python or SQL.

Machine Learning

As our clients amass huge amounts of data, we apply machine learning technologies to manage this. Through this, our consultants apply algorithms and different techniques resulting in improved data decisions at-scale.

Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistical Analysis & Linear programming

Our customers benefit from BDP consultants’ understanding of mathematics and statistical concepts, enabling data to be converted into valuable insights through predictive performance or algorithm optimisation.

Data Wrangling & Data Engineering

BDP consultants support the conversion of data in the databases, data warehouse or data lakes into business insights ready for the business to make decisions. Read more about our Data Warehousing service offering.

Data Visualisation & Communication

Our consultants’ visualisation and communication skills turn data into data-driven decisions for our customers.  BDP consultants are skilled at visually encoding data, communicating information and describing their findings to technical and non-technical audiences. Read more about our Data Visualisation offering.

Software Engineering

BDP Data Scientists have strong software engineering backgrounds. Their working knowledge of how data science works and interacts with other parts of our clients’ business provides results for projects and clients.

Graph Theory

Our consultants have graph theory experience to support our customers with at-scale study of graphs for business insights from their relationship’s discovery within the graphs.

Cloud Computing

BDP consultants utlise cloud solutions to meet the needs of our clients. This results in up-to-date software, reduced overheads, flexible processing costs, continuous levels of support, and improved mobilty and collaboration. Read more about our cloud computing expertise here.

Data Intuition

Our consultants are data-driven problem-solvers. They are intuitive experts providing insight into how to handle their customers’ data resources.

As a technology-agnostic consultancy, we have consultants who apply their data science expertise to whatever toolset our clients have chosen to use. We have experience across many different toolsets and are therefore able to advise clients looking to implement a data science platform for the first time.


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