Data Management

Data is one of a company’s most valuable assets and the ability to manage its data is key to a company being able to realise its value. It is also increasingly becoming a regulatory requirement for many companies: they need to prove where the data is coming from, where it is being used and who has access to it. This is where Business Data Partners (BDP) consultants can help.

Data management covers a number of related threads:

  • Business Glossaries/Data Dictionaries – agreed business and technical definitions for every data element used by the company, and their relationships to each other
  • Data quality – the ability to set quality thresholds for key data items, track the conformance to those thresholds over time and address quality issues as they arise and before they have a detrimental impact
  • Data lineage and impact analysis – understanding where data comes from, how it is changed and where it is delivered to. This then enables the easier understanding of the impact of any data changes on the systems that use that data

For all BDP consultants, data management is a core part of almost every role they undertake – even when “data management” is not part of the formal job description. Ensuring that the data we deliver for our clients is sourced reliably, is of a high quality, and that we identify to the client any issues with it, is key to everything we do. As a technology-agnostic consultancy we have consultants who apply their data management expertise to whatever toolset our clients have chosen to use; however, as we, therefore, have experience across many different toolsets we are also in a position to advise clients looking to implement a data management platform for the first time.

Data Quality, Governance and Assurance

Data is a valuable company asset and Data Quality (DQ) is the enabler to successful delivery. DQ issues can occur at any point within a technical or business process – established or ad-hoc ETL processes, manual entry or data update, legacy data, failures of business processes. BDP use their expertise in data profiling, business rule validation and complex multi-dimensional validation to help our clients identify their DQ challenges and establish practical data remediation strategies as well as processes for ongoing monitoring to prevent DQ regress. BDP design, develop and implement bespoke data quality dashboards for business-wide reporting of DQ issues.

BDP combine integrated functionality within SAS, Informatica and Talend with powerful reporting tools like Qlik, Tableau and Power BI to build real confidence in your data.

Technologies we use:

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