Pranay, Consultant, 2016 BDP graduate intake.

I started out on the BDP graduate scheme in August 2016. I have a background in Financial Economics and heard about the company and what they did, I felt that given my knowledge of the financial sector and the type of work involved that I would be a good fit, so I applied!


What immediately drew me to the Business Data Partners was the values and culture, and since joining I’ve felt right at home. It really does feel like a tight-knit community. The culture has allowed me to comfortably meet and become friends with my peers whilst working here. On top of this, the support network to help nurture and bring the best out of me as a consultant has been outstanding.


I have had the opportunity to visit a number of places in the UK for different reasons, such as training, forums and client commitments. I have also managed to work at a serveral clients over my two years with BDP. This has allowed me to hone different facets of my skillset and put these into practice at different clients. In this time, I’ve been able to work with multiple different technologies, develop project management experience and improve my stakeholder management skills.


Going forward I’m looking forward to gaining more exposure to project management opportunities, developing my skillset within the data science realm (such as working more with big data tools, Python, R etc.), and finally, all the exciting socials that BDP have planned in the future!


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