Loch Ness by Any Means

BDP consultants love a challenge! Following the successful completion of the National Three Peaks event in 2018, the team had their sights set on the next challenge. David Bull came up with the idea of Loch Ness by Any Means and on Saturday 8th June, 17 BDP consultants will be lining up along the shores of Loch Ness ready to tackle this year’s big challenge.

The Challenge

Participants are faced with the challenge of tackling a set length of Loch Ness by any means they see fit. This can be completed by foot, cycle, or canoe. Consultants who are running, walking or cycling will be covering 28 miles and 23 miles for the canoers.

All the challengers will start in Fort Augustus, at the south end of Loch Ness and complete the challenge at the Dore Inns at the north end of the Loch. On the way, the walkers and cyclists will have to conquer hills, rocks and the sheer distance (28 miles). The canoeists will be up against waves, wind and the traditional Highland ‘summer’ weather, all whilst keeping an eye out for a prehistoric monster!

Loch Ness is the largest lake (by volume) in the British Isles, and the challenge of participants propelling themselves from one end to the other is inspiring. David grew up in the Highlands and as a regular runner on the South Loch Ness Trail, he knew the scenery along the route would help keep everyone motivated, even when they’ve been on their feet/ in their boats for hours on end.

Our Charity

This challenge is being undertaken to raise money for SANDS Lothians, BDP Edinburgh’s 2019 Charity Partner. SANDS Lothian is determined to make a real difference to the lives of bereaved families from stillbirth and neonatal death across the UK. They can achieve this by focusing their work in three key areas:

• Supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby
• Improving bereavement care
• Promoting research to save more babies lives.

To learn more about our involvement with SANDS Lothians, check out our recent blog.

You can donate to support the team, and SANDS Lothians, head to this Just Giving page.


Kasia, one of our Edinburgh based consultants taking part, provides an insight into how she got involved and how she finally got her training off to a start…

One office day I decided to sign up for 35 miles canoeing through the beautiful Loch Ness, trying to raise money for a wonderful charity, SANDS Lothians.

Motivated by months of doing nothing, I felt this was a great opportunity to do something active and for a good cause. Riding on this excitement, I put my name forward for the Loch Ness by any means and informed my family that my will is under a jar of pickled gherkins in the kitchen.
The first day of the planned gym visit to body pump class turned out to be a bank holiday (the first of four days to come!). The sun was shining, the temperature was high and there was a solid chance of a garden party for two at my own house. I got so excited by the taste of polish sausages and a jug of mojito I skipped the 6 pm class and felt great melting in the sun, like an omega 3 on a frying pan.

On the second day of the bank holiday weekend, I had a clear vision of Sky Sports interviews, champagne and all the celebration parties – all that waiting for me if I went to the gym. If only…. Instead, I started to develop gym fear, ditched the gym idea but went for a run instead. There was no glory end to it, instead, I looked like a fountain. It was “taps aff” weather for sure!
On the third day, motivated by the end result being an Easter lunch cooked for me, I went for a run. All I have to say is that I didn’t get a PB but I was first at the Easter dinner table.

On the fourth day, there came a realisation that this is it. It’s the last day so I should be relaxing and not lifting anything else but my hand to reach out for the last piece of my Easter egg.
But in all seriousness, I am going to smash it. I hope this spreads the word, promotes the wonderful SANDS Lothians charity, and raise money to help their efforts.

Being a part of the Business Data Partners Team, over the course of the year, we’re aiming to raise £5000. The money will allow SANDS Lothians to deliver 125 hours of counselling to bereaved parents and families – a truly valuable contribution.

Please help if you can 😊!


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