Following the launch of the 2019 Business Data Partners CSR programme, we want to introduce the four charities BDP is supporting in London, Edinburgh, Chester and Leeds throughout 2019.
Throughout March and April, we will be publishing four blogs written by our regional CSR reps. These will provide a spotlight on each charity supported by the Business Data Partners CSR programme. So far we have introduced London and Edinburgh‘s chosen charity partners.
Next up is Chester, introducing their charity partner The Whitechapel Centre. To give us an overview of the charity and their plans for the year is George Whybrow, who along with Jon Maryniak, make up the BDP Chester CSR reps.


Why did you choose to become a BDP CSR rep?

I used to participate in activities for a few charities during my time at University, and I wanted to try and get back into volunteering. It is very enriching especially when you work closely with the people seeking support or can see the outcomes of donating money/things/time. Being a rep meant being able to get others interested, involved, and up close to be able to see the effects of contributing to good causes.

Tell us about the charity you have chosen to work with

The Whitechapel Centre is the leading homeless and housing charity for the Liverpool region. Working with people who are sleeping rough, living in hostels or struggling to manage their accommodation. The charity is committed to helping people find and maintain a home and learn the life skills essential for independent living.

Through working with these individuals or households, The Whitechapel Centre provides support services which enable them to begin to address their housing and support needs.

Whitechapel Centre

Why The Whitechapel Centre?

I was made aware of the charity at the tail end of last year. Jihun Kim, Mike Donohue, and Caroline Rodrigues – Chester based consultants – drove a collection for funds and second-hand goods. After working with them it felt like a natural fit for us to choose to work with them on a more permanent basis for the year.

BDP have worked with them previously for some initiatives, and the Chester consultants previously mentioned remarked how much a pleasure it was to work with them. I also looked a bit more into their mission statement and the extent of services they provide to those who need it – homelessness has increased exponentially in recent years, and it shows when walking around city centres. Helping the organisation hopefully means we can buck the trend.

What are your goals and what activites do you have planned for 2019?

Primarly we will be focusing on becoming a regular source of dontationsfor the charity, working to increase awareneed for the people they help.

In terms of regular activities, we plan to partake in a volunteer day or two where we help Whitechapel in various areas they seek help for – sorting collections; serving in a soup kitchen; etc. It would be good to get a bit of team building going with the office by attending obstacle course based events and fundraising at the same time.

How can others help?

By donating to collection pools that will be set up, or by sending goods needed by the charity, you’ll be helping those in your community. If you’re in the Northwest, then by participating in events and raising awareness! Keep an eye out for calls to action over the coming months. The figure below shows how your contribution can make a difference:

If you’d like to learn more about The Whitechapel Centre or how you can support them directly, head to their website and reach out to the fundraising and volunteering team.


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